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X-Plane 12 Night Lighting Edits

This zip file contains X-Plane 12 Night Lighting adjustments. These changes do not require reshade and/or lua scripts, everything is contained within XP12. The following files have been edited: lites.txt, 1000_lites_close.png as well as multiple DDS ground splash tiles. Installation is simple!One does...


This zip file contains X-Plane 12 Night Lighting adjustments. These changes do not require reshade and/or lua scripts, everything is contained within XP12. The following files have been edited: lites.txt, 1000_lites_close.png as well as multiple DDS ground splash tiles. Installation is simple!

One does not need the DDS ground splash edits to use my lights. If you don't mind the ground splash tiles in the distance, just replace the lites.txt and 1000_lites_close.png files and you're done. If you use my blackened DDS tiles, you should consider installing extended lights by utd4life (link included in the instructions) to give you lights out in the distance.

Version 1.1: Correct a few minor issues.

Version 1.2: Add additional lights into the mix.

Version 1.3: Created two additional sets of lights to choose from, green/blue tint or yellow/orange tint.

Version 1.4: Adjusted tint settings.

Version 1.5: Added a bright/dim set to choose from.

Version 1.6: Adjustments required due to XP12 beta update.

Version 1.7: Adjustments required due to XP12 beta update.

Version 1.8: Work around for square aircraft lighting.

Version 1.9: Update lights to conform with R/C 2.

Version 2.0: Update lights to conform with R/C 3 and remove additional light sets until further notice.

Version 2.1: Update lights package to conform with X-Plane Full Release.

Version 2.2: Added a Dim or Birght option to my night lighting edits.

Version 2.3: Update to both dim and bright lighitng sets.

Version 2.4: Update to bright lighting set.

Version 2.5: Update lights to remove X-Plane 12 file entry "error" in log file, also adjusted both dim and bright set of lights.

Version 2.6: Update color tinting and brightness effects, removed DIM set as same results possible via monitor settings.

Not sure why the Video Preview Watch link to the right is not working, here is the link... It will give you a better view of what these lights look like while operating in the simulator over the older photos.

Link to my video showing off the night lighting edits:Latest Night Lighting Edits 2.3 Download Link

Lighting Lights Night Lights
Lançamento Inicial
October 28, 2022
Última Actualização
1 month(s) ago — 2.6



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  • Updated to version 2.6

  • Updated to version 2.5

  • Updated to version 2.4

  • Updated to version 2.3

  • Updated to version 2.2

  • Updated to version 2.1

  • Initial File Release


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22 Comentários

does that extend night lights mod even work with XP12?

I'll test this mod out, i see some comments here about monitor settings etc.

But videos and screenshots don't take any monitor settings into account.

That being said my monitors are all calibrated below 0.3Delta levels, the video preview looks amazing ngl.

I did everything as per the installation instructions but my lights look nothing like yours: https://freeimage.host/i/HkVPgwX



10 month(s) ago / Agradecido por SwannSim

This is a really nice enhancement to the already good X-Plane 12 night lighting. Thanks for sharing!

Does this work with Simheaven's X-World regions?


Before anything else, thank you for this amazing job. I love it, I just only got one issue, the exterior lights of my plane seem to be like a Square, right colors but squared.

Any solution ?




1 year(s) ago / Agradecido por SwannSim

What an "AMAZING JOB" ! Your bright yellow set of lights are by far my favorite. I have seen locations while flying at night where the simulator looks like real life.

If you haven't tried these lights, step up and give them a go you won't be disappointed. I just used the lites.txt and the png file along with it, didn't put in the splash screens.

You should submit these to Austin over at L/R for inclusion in X-Plane! 



1 year(s) ago / Agradecido por SwannSim

very nice and great job on the lights. no problem and no effect on frames, i have rtx 2060 6 gig vram i5 10th gen and 32 gig ram. i have tried other light mods but they are demanding on frames but these ones have none, simple to install im just using the light txt and not the other one to take away the bobs in the distance. again great work keep it up and thank you very much😊

I installed according to the instructions and it didn't work. XP12 default installation does not have the Terrain 12 folder. I also copied and pasted and overlayed bitmap/lites and nothing

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Sugestões, insectos e ideias para o futuro.

  • Version 2.6 October 31, 2023

  • Version 2.5 July 10, 2023

    Update amber lighting to remove X-Plane log error and adjust night lighting effects

  • Version 2.4 June 09, 2023

  • Version 2.3 January 27, 2023

  • Version 2.2 January 12, 2023

  • Version 2.1 December 17, 2022

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