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ITC Light Mod X Plane 12

Updated to version 3.0 Special thanks to Ilias Tselios, the original author of ITXD Light Controls for X Plane 11. Their work was the primary inspiration for ITC Light Controls, and without their work, ITC would not exist. --------------------------------- Check out TheFlyingScotsman's X Plane channel running...


Updated to version 3.0

Special thanks to Ilias Tselios, the original author of ITXD Light Controls for X Plane 11. Their work was the primary inspiration for ITC Light Controls, and without their work, ITC would not exist.


Check out TheFlyingScotsman's X Plane channel running ITC:


See ITC in action on the ITC channel:




A lighting and atmosphere Lua script for X Plane 12.

ITC allows you to customize X Plane 12's lighting and atmosphere. It also includes night lighting enhancements for a more realistic look.

Key features:

Adjust intensity of night lighting to suit your preference.

Adjust daytime lighting and atmosphere.

Kill 3D rain to help with performance/if you don't like it. (other rain effects remain).

Adjust intensity of night sky.

Enable/disable Volumetric Lights for great screenshots.

Save and load up to three presets, with keybind support (search ITC in keybind menu).

Adjust cloud size, scale, and shape.

Change color of far night lighting in real time.

The lua script is fully compatible with other light mods and default lighting.


A new file has been uploaded, which includes the ITC Installer for automatic installation. Please report any issues with the installer on here!

A new beta has been uploaded, ITC Light Mod EV 0.7 Beta. This is a beta version of ITC which is compatible with the Enhanced Visuals script for those who use it. Some features have been removed as they are handled by the Enhanced Visuals Script.

If you do not use the Enhanced Visuals Script, you should download ITC v3.0. ITC EV 0.7 was built by request for those who use Enhanced Visuals.

v3.0 has been released, likely the final feature update, compatibility updates will continue to exist. Thank you to everyone who has supported the mod with downloads. ITC has been a fun project and I hope it has enhanced your X Plane experience. As always, ITC is free and will remain free forever.


Note screenshots represent custom values (the mod is customizable), they're used to give an idea of what types of changes can be achieved. Find your own preset and use that!

The mod is versatile. You can use just the lights, just the lua script, your own lights, other light mods, or any combination. It's up to you.

Requires FlyWithLua NG for X Plane 12. Get it here:


How To Install:

Automatic Installation:

Open the ITCInstaller.exe. Select Continue and select the ITC folder you unzipped (name should be similar to ITC Lights v3.0_4RIil, it's the same folder the installer is in), press OK. Select Continue again and select your X Plane 12 *root folder*, which should be similar to:

C:\X-Plane 12 for standalone, 
or C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\xplane12 for Steam users. 

NOTE: Your X Plane 12 installation folder may vary. The installer will prompt you if it doesn't find the correct files.

Select the components to install (recommended selecting all), and click Install. The installer will copy the files to the folders for you and let you know if it was successful. The original lights.txt and 1000_lights_close.png will be copied to a backup folder called Lights Backup in your Resources\bitmaps\world\lites folder.

Manual Installation:

Extract the zip file and copy all lua, .itc, and the ITC Jetway Sounds folder to:

C:\X-Plane 12\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts

Go to C:\X-Plane 12\Resources\bitmaps\world\lites, make a copy of 1000_lights_close.png, and copy 1000_lights_close.png from the zip file to the C:\X-Plane 12\Resources\bitmaps\world\lites folder.

For the optional light changes:

Go to C:\X-Plane 12\Resources\bitmaps\world\lites and make a copy of lights.txt, then copy the files from the Optional Lights folder and paste them into the C:\X-Plane 12\Resources\bitmaps\world\lites folder.

For the optional urban far textures:

Go to C:\X-Plane 12\Resources\default scenery\1000 world terrain\textures12\urban_FAR and paste the files from Optional - Urban FAR.


Make a copy of default files prior to installing. If you have issues with the mod, you can restore default files:

On Steam, go to your Library, right click X Plane 12, select Properties>Local Files, and click Verify Integrity of game files.

On Standalone, go to your X Plane 12 folder and run the X Plane 12 Installer, click to Update, allow it to scan files, and when prompted, allow it to replace old files.


Launch X Plane and find it under Plugins>FlyWithLua>FlywithLua Macros>ITC Lighting Controls

To use preset keybinds:

Go to your keybind menu and search for "ITC." They may be at the bottom of the list. You can load presets without opening the ITC window.

To use the jetway sounds:

Search your keybinds for "ITC Jetway" and bind a key/key combo to that. Jetways will activate and play relevant sound files. Some aircraft have jetway sounds built in. In that case you can use the default keybind, "Service the airplane with Jetways." Choose your own keybind or use both, it's up to you.

To modify jetway volume, go to the Extra Options menu and set your desired volume level. Jetway volume is saved to your presets.

Note: Jetway sounds are compatible with default airport jetways. SAM and Autogate jetways play their own sounds and will not activate with the ITC Jetway keybind or the default keybind.


I am the author of this script. This mod is free and always will be free, I will not accept donations. This tool is copyrighted, 2023-2024.

x plane 12 nuclear sun clouds lighting atmosphere lua disable rain
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November 13, 2022
Última Actualização
10 month(s) ago — v3.0



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  • Updated to version v3.0

  • Updated to version v2.8

  • Updated to version v2.7

  • Updated to version v2.5

  • Updated to version v2.2

  • Updated to version v2.0

  • Initial File Release


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107 Comentários


1 month(s) ago / Agradecido por typicalskeleton

when I re-open the menu all changes revert back to normal..

This is the best light addon I have tried. I do love it and really easy to use. But I have a question. I have set the brightness as my love, and save it to preset1, 3. I found preset 1 always auto restore to default. It not a very important problem for me. My question is, how to save my setting as default? I mean everytime I start a new flight can direct show me the effect as my setting?

Actually the default sky color itself is perfect

it's gonna be better sir if you make a separate version of lights only with the same sky and clouds

Thanks again for the mod

Thanks for the Mod

but unfortunately I can't save any presets , it is not compatible with rxp enhancer mod.. I can save it only when I remove it

Can u make only light mod without the sky and clouds edit ?

Download shows Error 404 File Not Found? Was it removed?



5 month(s) ago / Agradecido por typicalskeleton

Fantastic plugin! My favorite. Makes night flying more immersive. I can't seem to get Presets to save, however. I click Save Preset, and when i load it later its back to something else. Otherwise fantastic!

Hello, amazing mods esp with volumetric lights with minor fps impact, it would be amazing if i know how to keep the default xplane colors, can you please tell me how can i use default skycolors and cloud colors while using this mod?

Causes crash upon loading. Toliss A320Neo



6 month(s) ago / Agradecido por typicalskeleton

hello. Im really loving this but i got some issues. first is the same as the other guy said, when we try to increase global ligts the airport lights also increase and gets too exaggerated. also, i loved the volumetric lights feature but it may seem a bit weird when its turned on and we re not inside clouds, ex on runway, seems like the lights are in clouds but visibility and ceiling are good, no fog. also with volumetric lights the cockpit windshield gets kinda blurred when landing lights are on. in night flights it might be bad for visibility, i guess itd be cool if it happened only inside the clouds. but i can live with those things, but whats really annoying for me is everytimg i get in a new flight i gotta open up the itx menu so the preset will work, otherwise itx wont work.

doesnt work. It doesnt show up in my flywithlua menu

It's buggy during low visibility operations. Showing like circle like halos when using lights through clouds



8 month(s) ago / Agradecido por typicalskeleton

Best light tweaker for XP12. Just want to have individual option to adjust brightness of RWY lights. Because when I increase global lights, RWY lights increase too, and city lights look like normal, but RWY lights become bigger in size, then it should be

Cant save any preset I made. Installed exactly as informed, using FWL for nothing else but this. Clean xpl installation, so I can tell u thats a addon issue.

Hi typicalskelton, really loving your mod. I use it every flight to increase airport lights in distance. I was just wondering what dataref you use for airport lights brightness as I was trying to use my new Streamdeck Plus to increase airport lights brightness with the rotary encoders using XKeyPad. Many thanks for any help. John



10 month(s) ago / Agradecido por typicalskeleton

Does this also work using VR?



11 month(s) ago / Agradecido por typicalskeleton
Hi, love your work, but the preset for the Ozone colors are not saved when you exit XP12.

Please help if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Great mod, but some street lights do not light up the ground. please check and fix it!



11 month(s) ago / Agradecido por typicalskeleton

Mod doesn't work with 12.06 betas. just quarantines the script.



11 month(s) ago / Agradecido por typicalskeleton

You are welcomed @typicalskeleton!

Happy to see my work being improved and updated!

Ilias Tselios



12 month(s) ago / Agradecido por typicalskeleton

How do I keep the settings when restarting XP? I always have to adjust the settings again after restarting x-plane. Also for me the "Save preset" and "Load preset" function doesn't work for me. Other than that, it's amazing, I love the blue preset!

Estes itens estão actualmente na lista e serão processados em breve!
Airport lighting.
✅ Finished

Estimado 01 Jan 2023 » Currently investigating/working on reducing airport lighting independent of other lighting.
UI improvements/presets.
✅ Finished

Estimado 01 Jan 2023 » Planning to adjust the UI and introduce preset management.
Load Settings not quite functioning correctly.
✅ Finished

Estimado 01 Jan 2023 » Working to get load settings to load new saved settings correctly during X Plane session. Currently requires a restart of X Plane.
Night lighting.
✅ Finished

Estimado 01 Jan 2023 » Working on optional changes to night lighting to reduce overall airport lighting, and add more white lights to the scenery.
More night lighting
✅ Finished

Estimado 24 Nov 2022 » Ongoing process of perfecting the night lighting.
Additonal atmosphere controls
✅ Finished

Estimado 01 Dec 2022 » Working on more features for v1.5
Experimental cloud controls
✅ Finished

Estimado 01 Dec 2022 » Checking out some cloud controls.
XP12 Release Compatiblity.
✅ Finished

Estimado 01 Jan 2023 » The mod will be updated and working with XP12's full release. However, it will not be updated until XP12 is released by Laminar.
Additional cloud controls.
✅ Finished

Estimado 31 Jan 2023
Save/Load Extras options.
✅ Finished

Estimado 31 Dec 2022
Working on some new stuff for 2.0.
✅ Finished

Estimado 28 Feb 2023 » Hoping to have some fun stuff to mess with in 2.0.
Small update coming.
✅ Finished

Estimado 17 Mar 2023 » Working on a small update for ITC. Should be done in a week or so.
Bug fixes
✅ Finished

Estimado 15 Apr 2023 » Looking into fixing some bugs.
Quality of life improvements.
✅ Finished

Estimado 13 May 2023 » Working on some UI QoL improvements, and script clean up.
Jetway sounds.
✅ Finished

Estimado 13 May 2023 » Working on adding some jetway sounds to X Plane 12. Their silence has always bothered me.
Modify jetway sound volume.
✅ Finished

Estimado 01 Jun 2023 » Want to add some custom options to jetway sounds in the future.
Additional features.
✅ Finished

Estimado 07 Sep 2023 » ITC is not dead. New update will come after 12.06 is finalized by LR, to ensure compatibility.
Enhanced Visuals Compatibility.
✅ Finished

Estimado 31 Oct 2023 » Working to make ITC compatible with the Enhanced Visuals script.
Building an ITC installer.
✅ Finished

Estimado 26 Dec 2023 » Working on an automated installer for ITC components.
ITC is not dead.
❗ Investigating

Estimado 27 Jul 2024 » Looking into compatibility and additions to 12.1.0 for X Plane. Also looking into including the automatic installer for ITC.
Sugestões, insectos e ideias para o futuro.

  • Version v3.0 September 15, 2023

    v3.0 Changelog:

    Added new Moon Light control under Extra Options. It is saved to presets.

    Modified lights.txt and brought back in very minimal light spills.

    Removed Old Timey and Kill Moon as those were just memes.

  • Version v2.8 May 28, 2023

    v2.8 Changelog:

    Added Jetways Volume slider to "Extra Options" menu. Volume setting is saved to your preset.

  • Version v2.7 May 12, 2023

    v2.7 Changelog:

    Added Jetway sounds keybind/option.

    Made some Quality of Life improvements to the UI.

    Cleaned up the script a little.

  • Version v2.5 April 14, 2023

    v2.5 Changelog:

    Fixed bug with Lights Local and Light Storage.

    Modified presets slightly.

    Special thanks to John for reporting the issue and helping me fix it.

  • Version v2.2 March 17, 2023

    v2.2 Changelog:

    Added new Light Spill slider.

    Modified lights.txt.

  • Version v2.0 February 03, 2023

    Cleaned up UI.

    Added new Ozone shader controls.

    Added four built in ITC Presets.

    Removed Additional Presets menu and replaced it with radio buttons. Choose a preset and select either Save or Load.

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